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Our Ironing Services are a lifesaver for people who hate ironing. They can save you from the time-consuming task of getting every wrinkle out, and make your clothes look pristine in no time at all!


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Domestic Ironing Services in Hull | Star Cleans in Hull

Ironing Services in Hull

Star Cleans is the go-to company for all of your ironing services in Hull. We are able to accommodate most requests and do our best every time we get a new job, so you’ll be satisfied with what we’ve done!

Let us take the stress of ironing off your plate with our professional services. Our team has been providing this service in Hull and Beverley since 2019, and we’ve built up a solid client base that appreciates all aspects of our work. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results to make you feel at ease when it comes to handling your laundry needs- so sit back safe knowing you can leave it all behind!

The process is simple. Get in touch with our team, arrange a time that we can come to your house and collect all of the clothes you need ironed! When we arrive at your location, we will weigh all of those items so there are no surprises when it comes to pricing them out for both parties involved. In addition, if you have any specific garments, shirts or bedding sets that needs special care just let us know before hand as well but don’t worry – because like I said earlier on this has been done many times before by one of our expert teams who specialize in these tasks exclusively!

Ironing Pricing Made Simple

We have a fresh, unique approach to our ironing services that will keep your clothes looking their best. Furthermore, our prices are simple and straightforward so you know what you’re getting into before giving us an order for the service.

While ironing your laundry at home is great because it saves on time and money, there’s nothing like having someone else do all of those tedious tasks for you when they can be done effortlessly by professionals! We have regular ironing services in Beverley, Hull, Brough, and the Caves, so your location is not a problem.

Our Ironing Services


What's Included

  • All items are steam pressed ironed as standard
  • Shirts are returned on hangers in a protective cover
  • Hangers collected on our next visit to protect the environment
  • If you require certain items to be starched, there is no extra cost

How Our Ironing Services Work

  • Schedule a collection and delivery time with our team
  • Our driver will collect your ironing taking the utmost care of it
  • We will iron and carefully fold or hang your ironed items
  • The team will drop-off your ironed laundry within 48hrs

Ironing Service Prices

  • Ironing services start from £4/kg, certain items charged individually
  • Collection/Delivery is free within a 3 mile radius of Willerby, Hull
  • Full range of general, bedding and shirt ironing services

Star Cleans Ironing Services

Ironing Delivery Service

Let us take the stress of ironing off your shoulders. Our team has been providing professional Ironing Delivery Services in Hull since 2019 and has built up our regular client base!

Sheets Ironing Service

You know when you’re so tired from your day that the thought of ironing those bed sheets is too much to bear? Well, now there’s an easy fix – with our 48 hour service!

Shirts Ironing Service

Don’t want to spend your day with a pile of shirts and an iron? Let us do it for you with our Shirt Ironing Service that includes pressing the collar to steaming out those stubborn wrinkles!

Bedding Sets Ironing

Ironing your bedding is one of the most mundane parts of a housekeeping routine. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution available with our Bedding Sets Ironing Service.

Shirts Washed & Ironed

Do not want a pile of shirts on a Sunday night? Let us do the hard work for you with our Shirt Wash & Ironed services that remove any headaches from your weekly routine.

Trousers Washed & Ironed

The average person spends all day in an office, leading to larger than usual amounts of ironing! We can press your office wear with our Trousers Washed & Ironed services.

Dress Ironing Service

Our Dress Ironing Service is one of our most popular and in-demand services. Our experienced team will get your dresses looking good as new!

Wash, Dry & Iron

If you’re struggling for time, we can help with the Wash Dry and Iron Service. To really save some of your precious hours on this earth, why not upgrade today!

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Testimonials | Star Cleans in Hull

Happy Customers

Katherine McNally

"The ladies at Star Clean are efficient, quick, reliable, and the service is well priced. The team is very accomodating and friendly. "

David Petersen

"Cracking service, always very professional and fast turn around even at short notice. I can not recommend the Star Cleans team highly enough to anyone looking for a laundry service in Hull."

Peregrine Properties

Ironing Service Prices

Our professional Ironing Services prices are affordable and the only thing you have to do is wash, dry, and let our team weigh your laundry with you on collection so we can confirm pricing before work begins. Pricing varies from certain specific items such as Shirt Ironing Service and Bedding Ironing Service, which are outlined below, or if it’s an everyday iron job that doesn’t require any special treatment then your pricing will be based on the weight of the load.

Our prices include ironing, folding or hanging, and covering all clothes with hangers included free for your first visit. To care for the environment, please return the hangers for your next service. Additional hangers will be charged at 10p per hanger if not returned.

What You Can Expect?

Trusted & Experienced

We know it can be hard to find the time to iron your clothes, so we’re here for you. Our company is committed and full of experience with years working on domestic tasks such as iroining services also catering for commercial customers too! Star Cleans guarantee a high quality job every time as if you were doing this yourself – but better because our trained professionals will do all the heavy lifting while providing carefree service.

Reliable & Fully Insured

You want the best ironing service in Hull? Call us! We have a team of professionals that are reliable, efficient and get great feedback from our customers. Our staff includes highly trained professionals who are fully insured in the unlikely event any of your belongings get damaged. Give us a try today to see why Star Cleans is so successful at what we do – just give us a call. 

No Contracts

You can choose to be a customer with us based on what is best for your needs. We don’t tie customers into contracts. You have a number of different service options that suit how frequently you would like an appointment such as adhoc, weekly and fortnightly appointments.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team works hard to ensure that your clothes are returned to you spotless and ready for action. However, in the unlikely event you are not 100% happy with the service, let us know.

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